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Reading: Implementation of continued care for patients in Primary health care


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Implementation of continued care for patients in Primary health care


Elvis David

Dom Zdravlja Zagreb - Centar, HR
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One of the principles of health care is the ensuring of continuity. Continuity of health care is achieved by the overall healthcare organization, particularly at the level of primary health care, i.e. a service that provides continuous health care for the population through all ages. To ensure this, the system must be mutually functionally linked and aligned. Enhanced efforts are made, but continuing efforts to improve are necessary. This principle also refers to the nurses in the primary health care, no matter which organization they are working for. Primary healthcare is expected to be the preferred way of care for patients, and only select number of patients are to be referred to other levels of health care. If the nurses are to follow all the advances in care and to act as a member of the team, it is necessary to improve nursing practice, to plan the continuous education of nurses according to the needs of the population. In particular, it would be necessary to form protocols for emergencies, which would be used by nurses. It is necessary to develop a model for registering nursing work, to ensure that the nursing profession is appropriately used, rewarded and presented. The practice nowadays suggests that a large part of nurses work in the primary health care offices is related to computer work and administrative tasks. If this is accompanied by the legal obligation that a nurse is indebted to record the procedures performed at all levels of health care, and the standardized documentation is not available for the time being, it is concluded that much effort has to be made to ensure that nursing work is properly valorized and provided care is better. Various studies highlighted the need to network activities at the level of primary health care to facilitate the work process and strengthen the cooperation of various professions, and enhance availability and fasten the service for patients.

How to Cite: David E. Implementation of continued care for patients in Primary health care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):223. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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