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Reading: Immersive experience in Co-production


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Workshop Abstracts

Immersive experience in Co-production


Geoff Dennis

Berkshire Healthcare Nhs Foundation Trust, GB
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Co-production is now a buzzword, but what is it and what is it not? And how do you engage in the process?

This workshop will immerse up to 20 participants in an experiential group process of co-creation of ideas and common ground.

You will learn how to horizontilise the power dynamic inherent in our professional interactions with service users and stakeholders.

This incremental phased approach to co-production will be useful for any practitioner wishing to experience the process of co-production through relational practice principles.

Background: Through seven years of developing our mental health services into ‘Enabling Town Slough’ and as a whole-town strategy to reducing inequalities in mental health, we have developed innovative and now proven processes of co-production, within the NHS, the local authority and including broader partnerships across the area.


To introduce a co-production methodology, which is enabling and inclusive and sustainable, whilst utilising a salotogenic approach.

Target audience:

Any healthcare or social care professionals wishing to learn about and experience the process of co-production.

Learnings/Take away: Learning how to ‘horizontilise’ the power in a non-threatening way, where a professional can hold onto their own identity and understand the importance of relational practice.


Phase 1 (10 minutes): 'Preparing the ground'. This is a group process led by two key authors, normalising the complexities of ‘being with others’ and addressing the obstacles to coproduction.

 Phase 2 (30 minutes): 'Transformational exploration'. This is an experiential immersive group experience which explores the power dynamic;  ‘doing with’, rather than ‘doing to’.

 Phase 3: (20 minutes): 'Tracking themes and learning points'.  An experience of open dialogue in the group process to bring up ‘take home messages’.


How to Cite: Dennis G. Immersive experience in Co-production. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):377. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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