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Workshop Abstracts

What do people value in Integrated Care? Core Values and Normative Integration from around the World


Nick Zonneveld

Vilans, NL
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What do people value in integrated care? Our international team has engaged with multiple people across 30 countries to learn what matters most in integrated care. By looking at what people value in care, this workshop provides insights into the less tangible normative aspects of integrated care. Participants will learn: 1) what the underlying integrated care values of service users and their caregivers, professionals, policymakers and researchers are, 2) how these insights can be applied to their own practice, and 3) how these insights are relevant for the further development and measurement of integrated care.


Integrated health services delivery is a complex undertaking in which multiple actors need to collaborate on different levels. Although these actors are often interdependent and subsequently collaborate, at the same time they often have different interests, backgrounds and values. Therefore, in addition to functional features, such as funding, IT and organizational design, also normative aspects play a major role in the integration of care services. For example: the development of common ground, shared values and a shared understanding. This workshop provides insights into these less tangible, underlying mechanisms.

Aims and Objectives

This workshop will provide insights into the values and other normative aspects of integrated care from multiple stakeholder perspectives. The presenters will walk participants through the values and perspectives of different integrated care actors: users and caregivers, professionals, policymakers and academics. Thereafter, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in group work on applying values thinking to their own integrated care practice. The participants will be divided into small groups and given an exercise that can be applied to their own context.

Target audience

This workshop will be of interest to policymakers and managers seeking to learn more about the normative dimension of integrated care, and how to apply this in their policies and practices. Researchers will also find this workshop interesting as we present conceptual and methodological approaches to normative integration and values of integrated care. The workshop could also be valuable for user representatives as we provide insights into what service users value most in integrated health services.


Participants of this workshop will learn:

1. What normative integration is, what values play a role in integrated care, and how they contribute to practice, development and measurement of integrated care.

2. What the values of different integrated care stakeholders are including similarities and differences across stakeholder groups.

3. How to apply values thinking in integrated care practice.


1. Welcome + audience engagement: What matters to you? (5 min)

2. Assessing the values of integrated care stakeholders in 28 European countries (Nick Zonneveld, 15 min)

3. Group work/discussion (25 min): designing values-driven integrated care

4. What do older people and their caregivers value? (Kerry Kuluski, 15 min)

5. Group work/discussion (25 min): operationalizing person centered care

6. Reflection and takeaways (5 min)



How to Cite: Zonneveld N. What do people value in Integrated Care? Core Values and Normative Integration from around the World. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):367. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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