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Reading: Nurses' role in the multidisciplinary care of the patient with diabetes


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Nurses' role in the multidisciplinary care of the patient with diabetes


Bojan Pavlović

Dom zdravlja Zagreb Centar, HR
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Diabetes is one of the most significant public health problems with an upward trend and a leading cause of vascular diseases, kidney disease, blindness, limb amputation. It represents a significant morbidity, mortality and financial burden, and therefore the need for cooperation between primary medicine teams and secondary healthcare specialists as internists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, psychologists, and community health services  cannot be emphasized enough.

The task of a multidisciplinary approach of primary and secondary health care specialists is prevention, early detection and education of patients with diabetes, in order to prevent and / or delay complications and reduce mortality. The onset of the disease is most commonly detected in the general practitioners office and / or public health activities where the patient may present himself with symptoms of increased urination, increased hunger and thirst, fatigue, blurred vision, or chronic complications. Patients with type 2 diabetes have symptoms 8 - 10 years in average before the diagnosis, unlike type 1 diabetes, that occurs suddenly with possible crisis conditions. The primary care team introduces the patient to a new and unexpected situation in order for him to understand severity of the disease and its complications. After the physician explains to the patient the causes, the course of the disease and determines the therapy, the role of the nurse is of major importance in educating the patient and his family members on how to carry out the appropriate diet regimen, adjust physical activity, do self-monitoring with glucometer and proper application of insulin therapy. In addition to education, the nurse should build a relationship of trust with each patient to ensure that the result is a satisfied and well taken cared patient who will delay the appearance of complications with their regular check-ups and lifestyle changes. Patient's education may vary according to his age and gender, current state of health, religious beliefs, dietary patterns. The aim of the collaboration of multidisciplinary health teams in the treatment of diabetes is to eliminate the disorders it causes and to prevent the development of acute and chronic complications which can only be achieved by restoring the metabolic balance in the body and achieving conditional health by restoring work capacity and integrating patients with diabetes into social life.


How to Cite: Pavlović B. Nurses' role in the multidisciplinary care of the patient with diabetes. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):243. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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