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Reading: "voorbeeld titel Ingredients for successful Joint (Para)Medical Consultation"


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"voorbeeld titel Ingredients for successful Joint (Para)Medical Consultation"


Ernst Evenhuis

Hogeschool Utrecht, NL
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Each year, 250 stroke patients are admitted to the VU university medical center (VUmc). 40% of these patients is discharged to their own home.


Early identification and treatment of disabling factors in the

performance of activities and in the participation of social life of

patients and their caregivers af ter discharge from the hospital.


A Joint Medical Consultation2 (JMC) w as developed, including a multidisciplinary triage and an expanded regional primary care network.


On average there were 4.5 participants attending a JMC session. 4-6 weeks post stroke, fatigue (MFIS) and perceived burden by the informal caregivers (CSI) were key issues. 28 of the 83 patients (34%) were referred to an OT or PT for further treatment (see figure below). Key reasons for referral were fatigue in relation to occupation, resuming sport and work, cognitive deficits and coping with the disease.


1. The JMC is a promising concept for patients discharged to their home af ter hospitalization.

2. Using this concept, 90% of the patients had a follow -up SAS and/or JMC follow -up af ter discharge home.

3. A substantial group (34%) of the discharged patients w ere

subsequently referred to an OT or PT for further rehabilitation.

4. The continuation of care should be ensured by a w ell-run primary network of OT and PT.

How to Cite: Evenhuis E. \"voorbeeld titel Ingredients for successful Joint (Para)Medical Consultation\". International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):297. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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