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Reading: Utilizing e-Consultations in screening for hereditary hypercholesterolemia- a practice imple...


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Utilizing e-Consultations in screening for hereditary hypercholesterolemia- a practice implementation in City of Zagreb


Ana Mašić

Health Centre Zagreb Centar, HR
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Miscommunication between primary and secondary healthcare is a setback for integration of care in Croatia. Health Center Zagreb Centar (HCZC) has developed an ICT solution, e-Consultations, which offers bidirectional communication between general practitioners (GP) and specialists in other health institutions. E-Consultations is currently used as a communication and data assemblage tool for research on hereditary hypercholesterolemia (HHCH), in collaboration with University Hospital Center Zagreb (UHCZ).

Short description of practice change implemented:

General practitioner’s  offices in HCZC are connected with UHCZ through e-Consultations, an application for secure interchange of patients data. Following the criteria for HHCH, GP detects patients in need of consultation and treatment in a tertiary healthcare institution. GP creates an electronic referral to a specialist in UHCZ and sends relevant findings, using descriptive and questionnaire-like forms. Specialist respond with feedback regarding patient's condition and further management.

Aim and theory of change:

The aim is to ensure quality care for patients by digitally connecting primary and secondary healthcare professionals,  and secure a personalized approach. A major role in developing this ICT solution played a Twinning collaboration of EIP on AHA between City of Zagreb and the Andalusia and Galicia.

Targeted population and stakeholders:

E-Consultations is to be used by general practitioners in primary healthcare centers and specialists in secondary or tertiary healthcare institutions as a digital communication tool, with a goal to prevent, treat and rehabilitate. Targeted population are patients with comorbidities, at risk of polypharmacy, complications of the undermining disease, but also healthy patients with existing risk factors.


E-Consultations started off as a pilot-project in 2017, as a result of collaboration between HCZC and MCS group d.o.o. In August, 2019, HCZC joined a clinical research project lead by UHCZ, where e-Consultations are used as a main communication tool and a digital link between GP's and specialists involved in research of hereditary hypercholesterolemia.

Highlights (innovation, impact and outcomes):

E-Consultations communication tool was tested as a pilot-project in 2018 by general practitioners in HCZC. GP’s using the platform reported receiving faster, high-quality specialists consultations for managing a specific health issue of the patients.

Comments on sustainability:

As a simple, easily implemented digital solution, e-Consultations is a sustainable platform in most of healthcare systems.

Comments on transferability:

E-Consultations is connected to state owned Croatian Central Health Information System, whose infrastructure is opened to any ICT company that satisfies certification requirements. Even though hospitals use different hospital information systems, e-Consultations can be used in every system and in every hospital and GP office.

Conclusions (comprising key findings):

E-Consultations is a simple, money and time saving  ICT  solution that fosters collaboration between cure and care sectors and improves patient satisfaction.


E-Consultations is easily implemented in any information system with a strong infrastructure. It's a tool for communication between HCZC and UHCZ that offers personalized care to patients with possible HHCH.

Lessons learned:

Through e-Consultations GP provides the patient with personalized needs-specific health care. Interconnected cure and care sectors optimize healthcare, resulting in greater satisfaction of patients and healthcare providers.


How to Cite: Mašić A. Utilizing e-Consultations in screening for hereditary hypercholesterolemia- a practice implementation in City of Zagreb. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):294. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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