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Reading: Self Management and Working Together to Strengthen Integration


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Workshop Abstracts

Self Management and Working Together to Strengthen Integration


Mandy Andrew

Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, GB
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This session will enable delegates to consider the learning generated from a range of third sector projects based in Scotland who received investment to deliver self management work in an integrated context.  The learning will be the collective analysis of the project outcome successes and challenges as well as learning about how self management approaches, based in the third sector, can complement and ultimately strengthen the health and social care integration agenda on both a local level and nationally.  The learning will be focused on the themes of ‘working together’; ‘pathways’; and ‘person-centred approaches’.


Self management is considered to be a key driver in person-centred care in health policy internationally. There are wide ranging aspirations for the impact self management can have on our health and social care systems reflected in policy and yet these expectations have not yet been realised in routine practice on the ground. A wide-ranging review  of policy sources in the UK has identified 7 interconnected shifts taking place towards a state that aims to take a whole of government approach, seeking to empower individuals and communities. One of these shifts has been toward third sector involvement in the ownership, delivery and management of public services.

Self management proposes a transformative approach to health and social care – with people living with long term conditions and unpaid carers in the driving seat of their health and wellbeing, with person-centred support and services designed and delivered in an assets-based way to enable them to manage the impact of their long term condition(s) or caring role. There is growing evidence that our sense of agency and control, the degree to which we are engaged in civic action, and the strength of our social interactions, are all critical factors in determining our overall wellbeing. 

Therefore, self management is a cross-sector agenda that requires an integrated approach across our health and care system.  In Scotland, it has been recognised that capacity must be built across sectors to develop our understanding of the design and delivery of asset-based approaches that support self management and importantly that the third sector has a leading role to play. 



Aims and objectives

•              There is an increase in understanding of the value of involving people with lived experience in the design, delivery and evaluation of self management approaches

•              There is an increase in understanding of the importance of cross sector working for the development of asset-based self management approaches

•              There is an increase in the sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience in self management among delegates

•              There is greater profile given to self management as a consequence of the learning that is shared

•              There is opportunity for delegates to consider actions for the future


A workshop style session with scene setting presentation follow by world café style discussions. 


How to Cite: Andrew M. Self Management and Working Together to Strengthen Integration. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):378. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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