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Reading: Advancing educational approaches to developing a health and social care workforce


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Workshop Abstracts

Advancing educational approaches to developing a health and social care workforce


Kirsty Marshall

University of Salford, GB
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The core aim of the workshop is to explore the advancing educational approaches to developing a health and social care workforce that can adapt and deliver personalised integrated care across systems.

The focus of the workshop is on how undergraduate health and social care programmes are being transformed to support integrated care. There will be an exploration of the opportunities across a range of settings and will include learning from both presenter organisations. 


The move to integrated health and social care systems has significantly transformed what is required of current and future practitioners. While there have been significant moves towards the introduction of interprofessional learning, this progress differs across institutions and international settings. In order to transform the skills and cultures of professional groups and realise the potential of integrated care systems, there needs to be far wider innovation in how professionals are educated. Future education programmes needing to focus on the development of flexible, digitally literate and prevention-focused professionals, who can work across professional and institutional barriers. 

Aims and Objectives

The aim is to provide opportunity to explore how educational approaches are essential in the development of a flexible, digitally literate, integrated workforce that, can transform systems and enhance the progress towards fully integrated personalised health and social care models.


•To share experiences of delivery of interprofessional educational approaches in health and social care and explore how these can be stretched to reflect the ambitions of integrated care

• Explore the adoption of co-design and co-production of educational

•Explore solutions that, bring together future workforce requirements and educational approaches, including undergraduate education, continuing professional development, and community empowerment. 


Target audience

Educationalists, service providers and commissions – professionals who are interested in medium- and long-term workforce development


The workshop will be a shared learning platform which will provide the opportunity for the following learning:

•Sharing best practice including, the comparing approaches from a range of international setting.

•Clarifying of links between development of current workforce and future workforce and identification of tools to support the transition to integrated care.

•Development of a network of interested people to continue to develop learning


The workshop will be opened with two short presentations (10 min 5 min each):

1.            University of Salford – Lessons from the development of integration focused undergraduate education nurse programme

2.            Sheffield Hallam University –   How co-production can support the educational development of the future workforce

The presentations will promote discussion from participants on current best practice and potential gaps that could be addressed through greater collaboration (20 min).

Following the discussion, there will be a structured group work which will address the aims and objective of the session and enable the participants to consider the important educational approaches have in workforce development and in expediting the movement from acute, hospital focused, single disease-focused care to integrated care (20min).

The final 10 min will focus on developing action plans for future collaborations, sharing of practice and potential for research.


How to Cite: Marshall K. Advancing educational approaches to developing a health and social care workforce. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):369. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
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