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Reading: Relationship between competencies of medical staff and effectiveness of patient care in PHC


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Relationship between competencies of medical staff and effectiveness of patient care in PHC


Paweł Żuk

Medical and Diagnostic Centre (CMD), PL
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Relationship between competencies of medical staff and effectiveness of patient care in PHC is a complex issue that is crucial for health system. The aim of the study is an analysis of the relationship between hard and soft competencies of medical staff and new indices of patient care effectiveness.


Research process involves three conceptual stages. The first stage involves source analysis – identification of current concepts and scientific models. The second stage is an empirical study – a pilot study in a medical facility. Its results will be compared with theoretical concepts. In the third stage, a program to improve the competence of medical staff will be proposed.


Results of the analysis show that the core of competencies are knowledge and skills, where knowledge relates to hard competencies, whereas skills are soft competencies. The operational dimension of knowledge are qualifications and experience – measurable features necessary to perform a job. The operational dimension of abilities are social competencies – a reflection of empathy and emotional intelligence.

The other area of the study is effectiveness. Two approaches are applied: Evidence Based Medicine, which is “integration of individual clinical knowledge and external evidence for effectiveness of a particular procedure”, and Value Based Healthcare, which is “the quotient of effects that have real significance for the patient and total expenditure over a particular period of time”. The ratio of EBM and VBH is an operational expression of the difference between the treatment effectiveness and PHC effectiveness.


The subject of the study is a scientific niche. Research to date has focused mainly on the effectiveness of medical entities and healthcare systems as a whole. However, Bober and Olkiewicz have indicated that the overall effectiveness of public entities is the sum of the effectiveness of individual diagnostic and medical centers. It is possible to conduct research based on the effectiveness of work of individual employees and to assess the relationship between the competence of medical staff and the effectiveness of individual workers. Scientific world literature mostly focuses on the identification of factors affecting patient satisfaction, rather than the effectiveness of patient care. Research to date has focused either on hard or soft competencies, or empathy of staff, ignoring other features, which are the subject of this study.

Conclusions and lessons learned

The results of this study can contribute to better education and management of medical personnel, and an increase in motivation to develop hard competencies and properly manage soft competencies. The identified effectiveness indices allow for the assessment of staff work and constitute a tool for proper management in PHC.

Suggestions for future research and limitations

Further research should focus on the identification of new effectiveness indices that will show a new direction for holistic patient care. In terms of weaknesses of the study, it is worth noticing its innovative nature, despite numerous methodological limitations. The follow-up study should constitute an empirical verification based on a representative research sample.


How to Cite: Żuk P. Relationship between competencies of medical staff and effectiveness of patient care in PHC. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):317. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.


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