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Workshop Abstracts

Management & Leadership for Integrated Care: what are the competences and how do we support their development?


Robin Miller

University of Birmingham, GB
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This interactive workshop will encourage participants to explore the competencies that are necessary to lead and coordinate integrated care, and how we can support the development of these competencies by professionals, managers, and people with lived experience.


It is recognised through research and practice experience that to be successful, integrated care programmes must be led and managed well. This requires those across a system with management and leadership roles to facilitate and embed a transformation process in which the various services, organisations and functions collaborate around the needs of people, families and communities. However, we often only know if such management and leadership is available through the success (or otherwise) of the programme – a classic example of a ‘black box’ of transformation. Going forward, it is important that we are better able to articulate what is required of managers and leaders, and to support them to develop the necessary values, knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Aims and Objectives

To provide an opportunity for participants to debate the importance of management and leadership to the successful introduction and sustaining of integrated care.

To present initial research on management and leadership competencies for participants to test and validate through experiential learning.

To share positive experiences of development (both informal and formal) for managers and leaders (including clinical and citizen leaders) to learn what would help them develop such competencies

To consider what the IFIC can do to advance such development opportunities.

Target audience

The workshop will be relevant to anyone who has an interest in the management and leadership of integrated care. This includes clinicians, senior managers, operational managers, academics and people with lived experience. The facilitation team are experienced in engaging a wide variety of stakeholders in such interactive events.

Learnings/Take away

A better understanding of the competencies required for managing and leading integrated care

Shared learning about what could support the development of such competencies in practice

Enthusiasm for either participating in or facilitating related development opportunities to support managers and leaders of integrated care.

Format (timing, speakers, discussion, group work, etc)

10   minutes: Presentation of the competencies for management and leadership of integrated care (Jodeme Goldhar & Viktoria Stein)

20  minutes: Discussion on tables of the draft competencies

10    minutes: Short feedback from tables of one key point that they want to share

10   minutes: Presentation of current understanding regarding development of management and leadership competencies (Robin Miller & Anne Wojtak)

20  minutes: Sharing on tables of people’s experience of positive management and leadership development and what they think could be of help

10  minutes: Sharing of 1 positive experience of learning and development from each table

5  minutes: Final thoughts and next steps (including through SIG)

Preferred length

90 minutes


How to Cite: Miller R. Management & Leadership for Integrated Care: what are the competences and how do we support their development?. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):356. DOI:
Published on 01 Sep 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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