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Examples of good practice and application of modern technologies in the system of primary healthcare protection


Anđelka Zeba

Health Centre Zagreb – Centar City Of Zagreb, HR
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Use of advanced technology solutions accelerates the effectiveness and work quality of community nurses. Modern technology help community nurses in better control of chronic diseases, better quality of educating patients, empowering patient in home care ,better coordination and integration of health care workers. Afantastic example is Public Health research of patients with use of ICT (Information Communication Technologies) - Carewell. ICT has enabled us automatic transfer and central storing of data regarding patients, simple access to data about health care workers and communication between health care workers through the EHM system.

Countries that have participated in th pilot project are Italy, Spain, Wales, Poland, and Croatia. The Croatian representative was  the Zagreb-Centar neighborhood medical center (with six locations and 120 patients in total). In 2014 by recruiting patients, two groups were formed (intervention and control group). Criteria for patient participation were:  over the age of 65, the patient had to have been monitored by  a community nurses, patients had to have some form of inhome care, and a  primary diagnoses (KOPB, KVB, diabetes + comorbidity). Target groups were: patients, health carers, health workers of  the medical center Zagreb-Centar neighborhood, Ericsson's technical support, and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb.

In June 2015 we  started with questionnaires and measurements conducted by community nurses in patients homes. All measurements and questionnaires were conducted through the EMH application and all data was stored in a central data system in digital form so it could be accessible to doctors of family medicine. By new GDPR regulations, all data was encrypted while transferring patients data to the database. Collected data was sent in 2017 in anonymity form to European Union countries to further analyze the data.

ICT has enabled doctors better insight into parameters connected to the health status of patients, and also integrate health protection through multidisciplinary programs (preventively, educatively and informatively). Through direct contact with the patient and thier family and by using advanced technologies, it enabled us a higher level of careregarding educating pacient about thierillnesses, regarding thier mediction use and recommended a life style to make life more comfortable with chronical diseases.

Modern technologies have a very important part in everyday work of community nurses.    because they allow continuous care, but they require extra effort, time and skill.

How to Cite: Zeba A. Examples of good practice and application of modern technologies in the system of primary healthcare protection. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;21(S1):195. DOI:
Published on 01 Aug 2021.


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