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Reading: Integrated care requires integrated supervision


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Integrated Care Cases

Integrated care requires integrated supervision


Corry Ketelaars

Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate, NL
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Senior Inspector, phd
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Introduction: Given recent developments in integrated care, it is becoming increasingly important for the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate to direct its supervision in a way that may help speed up the implementation of integrated care.

Description of care practice: Since the implementation of integrated care for chronic patients is facing obstacles, alternative methods are required to ensure that the implementation process does not run into any delays. By applying a risk-based approach to integrated care providers, the Inspectorate can analyse the care providers' performance by means of quality indicators and  rank them. In order to be effective, appropriated supervision arrangements will be applied to the care providers of integrated care.

Discussion: With a ranking model transparency will be improved and this may encourage integrated care providers to strive for greater quality due to the competition inherent in the system. Supervision based on advice and encouragement might be helpful in the implementation of integrated care. .

Conclusion: Integrated care also requires integrated supervision, which means the Inspectorate may have to reconsider its working methods and the composition of its inspection teams.

How to Cite: Ketelaars C. Integrated care requires integrated supervision. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2011;11(1):None. DOI:
Published on 09 Mar 2011.
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