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Reading: K'aute Pasifika Workplace Health and Well-being Programme.


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K'aute Pasifika Workplace Health and Well-being Programme.


Kim Lisette Holt ,

K'aute Pasifika Trust, NZ
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Elisapeta Karalus

K'aute Pasifika Trust, NZ
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K’aute Pasifika Trust is an established Pacific Provider based in Hamilton providing health, social services and education services for more than 17 years.

In August 2016, the K'aute Pasifika Management Team identified the need to improve the health and well-being of staff within the organisation. A proposal was presented to the Trust Board, to approve the funding of a Health and Well-being programme for K’aute Pasifika staff for a period of six months.

Evidence has shown that Pacific people in New Zealand have higher rates of ischaemic heart disease, stroke, diabetes and respiratory disease than any other ethnic group. This is due to high levels of health risk and unhealthy behaviours , eg: smoking and obesity. K’aute Pasifika has a mission to “Improve the holistic well-being of Pacific Communities”. Within our staff, we identified key health issues present within the team, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease and smoking, which highlighted the need for K’aute Pasifika to look at how we could assist staff to improve their health and well-being, and therefore role – model a healthy lifestyle for our communities.

The proposal which was approved by the Trust Board, was to approach the issue of improved health and fitness for K’aute staff by addressing the areas of health, nutrition and fitness, by contracting a trained personal trainer who is also a chef, with expertise in health, fitness and nutrition, for a six month period. The programme was voluntary for staff to join, but if they joined they needed to be committed to attend the programme fully. The programme included nutrition education, health assessments, weight monitoring, and exercise, with time allocated for exercise for all staff four days a week for 1 hour each day.

Alongside the programme, was an incentive approach to encourage smokers within the team to quit smoking.

The programme was well attended by 22 staff, and 1 board member. Monitoring occurred through out the programme to measure Health, Fitness, Staff Satisfaction, and Staff Sick Leave utilisation The results were outstanding with a cumulative weight loss of 163 kg. There was also reduced incidence of hypertension within the team, improvements in blood sugar levels, improved fitness, reduction in sick leave utilisation, improved staff satisfaction, and 50% of the smokers had quit smoking.

The programme officially finished in March 2016, but due to the strong support of staff, it now continues with continued success. The staff have shared their knowledge and experience with their Pasifika Communities, to improve the health and well-being of Pasifika within Hamilton. 


How to Cite: Holt KL, Karalus E. K'aute Pasifika Workplace Health and Well-being Programme.. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(3):A105. DOI:
Published on 11 Jul 2017.


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