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Reading: Ha ngawiri (Breathe Easy)


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Ha ngawiri (Breathe Easy)


Katie Inker ,

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Marlene Whaanga Dean

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Breath Easy is a local program that has evolved in response to Wairarapa hospitals high ASH rates for respiratory admissions in 0-4 year olds living within the Wairarapa.

This program shoulder taps and selects whanau of 0-4 year olds who present frequently at the Emergency Department. These whanau are invited to participate in our Breath Easy workshop which educates, dispels myths and empowers whanau; thus reducing Emergency Department admissions. Our data suggests that these workshops are indeed reducing respiratory admissions in 0-4year olds.

The program works by bringing together professionals who can all be in one venue to deliver information in a culturally safe way to whanau.

The purpose of our workshops are to

- Create “time” to spend with whanau

- Support cultural safety

- Increase heath literacy

- Empowerment of whanau to self manage mild to moderate asthma

- To promote awareness of signs of worsening illness

- To provide insight into ALL factors that influence respiratory illness

- Whanau stories and networking within their communities

- Re- Engagement in physical activity

- Create healthy communities and health champions

- Re-engagement of whanau to their medical homes

- Intersectorial collaboration

The speakers for each workshop include registered nurses, community health workers, nutritionists, work and income, pharmacists, quit smoking coaches and traditional rongoa practitioners.

To date, 90% of attendees have suggested from feedback that they are more confident in managing mild to moderate respiratory illness having attended these forums.

This program is a true example of collaboration between professionals and highlights the whanau ora model in action. The results being reduced presentations to the emergency departments and improved whanau self management.

How to Cite: Inker K, Dean MW. Ha ngawiri (Breathe Easy). International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(3):A88. DOI:
Published on 11 Jul 2017.


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