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Reading: Local Resource Based Community Care Development as Asset for the Silver Economy of the Region


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Local Resource Based Community Care Development as Asset for the Silver Economy of the Region


Stella I. Tsartsara

South East Europe Healthcare, BE
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Introduction: The national and local authorities are hesitant in moving forward with care reforms as those demand serious investment from state resources. None of the care reform proposals actually proposes how to generate income to build community based system.

In this research we are proposing a community based integrated care model that is established on local resources lateral to the care services such as senior tourism.

Local Resource Based Community Care Development can function as a strong motivation for the authorities to reform care to integrate services and professionals.


1. Extraction of epidemiological data and Risk Factors Assessment

2. VES -13 self-administered CGA questionnaire to measure i-ADL of the >65y.o. cohort. GIS mapping of population in a scale of primary and secondary prevention and care needs embedded in a care monitoring E-Health platform

3. Regression analysis of care means to the needs per CGA risk factor. Desk research analysis of the region

4. Alignment of the local Health and Care services and professionals of the area ; drawing the vision and strategy

5. Focus Groups and structured interviews to establish an MoU to create the Care Hub managed by PPP

6. Setting the Investment Facility between the Municipal Authorities, a Bank in Greece and the public and private providers ;elaborating the Business Plan

7. Investment blending at different stages of the Care Hub deployment until stabilization of the RoI and the cashable savings


1. Needs analysis for care service and HR for the local population delivered; primary and social care services aligned. Telemedicine for acute care and 2nd opinion deemed possible.

2. Care Hub structure and business plan delivered

3. Senior Tourism and Health Tourism model designed and delivered

4. Investment blending, investment familiarization tour to health resorts organized

Key Conclusions:

1) In order to kick off integrated care reform in a locality it is necessary to provide the means that will cover the reform cost and assure sustainability of operations in the long run.

2) For that it is necessary to apply a PPP structure to manage a Care Hub that will centralize organization, coordination and management of all Long Term Care services.

3) This structure does not depend on health or social policy central authorities;it is run locally by a new Care institution

4) Investment and innovative financing and business innovation is necessary for any community care structure.

5) Local Resource Based, Community Based Care can assure LTC sustainable care operations in the long run

6) the first priorities to implement integrated care by order of priority are:

a. leadership awareness and on the job training

b. Deliberation of the integrated care plan with the local health ecosystem stakeholders

c. build the right investment blend until the Care Hub is sustainably run with constant RoI

d. the Care Hub has to be independent from central authorities, to local control for commissioning

e. Workforce training and patient empowerment are the next step to engage to.

How to Cite: Tsartsara SI. Local Resource Based Community Care Development as Asset for the Silver Economy of the Region. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(3):A10. DOI:
Published on 11 Jul 2017.


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