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Reading: Quality Expeditions for GP Federations


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Quality Expeditions for GP Federations


Andrew Wilson ,

NHS South Cheshire CCG, GB
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Nicki McNaney

AQuA Quality Alliance, GB
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Introduction: The five-year forward view for the English NHS sets out an ambition to integrate care by decisively breaking down the barriers in how care is provided between family doctors and hospitals, between physical and mental health, between health and social care. The future will see far more care delivered locally but with some services in specialist centres, organised to support” (The NHS five-year forward view). One of the proposed model to do this would bring together GPs with nurses and other community health services, hospital specialists and perhaps mental health and social care to create integrated out-of-hospital care as the Multispecialty Community Provider.

Across England many GP practices, presently small independent businesses have started to fall into groups or GP federations with an ambition to develop new care models.

At present many of these organisations are emergent, have poorly defined infrastructure including the infrastructure to deliver quality at the scale of their ambition.

We see this as an opportunity to embed quality as a core founding principle of these organisations.

integrated care, person centred care and population level responsibility are hallmarks of these new models, we wish to help GP Federations develop Quality Strategies based on these aspects. Recognising that there is an is often a disconnection between evidence conducted on single disease populations with participation from a narrow band of the population to patients with multiple diseases and complicated integrating needs both health and social and mindful that research is often conducted within the dominant paradigm that health is an absence of disease; rather than an ability to cope with life challenges, contribute and feel content whilst also living with multiple conditions.

We have developed an approach to allow emerging organisations to explore quality and to develop their own quality strategies and frameworks.

Target Audience: Those in or supporting the emergence of integrated care models or with an interest in Quality in an integrated care context.

Workshop Objectives: To explore with the delegates a participative approach to the development of Quality Strategies and how quality approaches should be developed in integrated care organisations.

Much of our methodology of the delivery of the event has been adapted from the Hackathons methodology as it is applied to healthcare.

During events teams are led through a series of sprints, each addressing a particular aspect of quality. We make available resources, and subject experts either in person or via IT links he wouldn’t be available to be engaged as the teams see that as part of their quality expedition. The structure provided by the sprints or help guide the teams to consider quality within the context of integrated new models of care, covering Planning – quality control and quality improvement & innovation (after Juran’s trilogy).

During a workshop there would be opportunity to experience a sprint as well as discuss the learning points from our experience of applying the methodologies.

How to Cite: Wilson A, McNaney N. Quality Expeditions for GP Federations. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2017;17(3):A8. DOI:
Published on 11 Jul 2017.


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