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Reading: Social Support Program in Mental Health and Social Primary and Primary Care


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Social Support Program in Mental Health and Social Primary and Primary Care


Elena Sánchez Echevarria


Networking is a must and a challenge for the social workers within municipal services, the social health workers and the specialised social workers.

The coordination, support and exchange of knowledge within professionals are enrichment for the patient and guarantee a coherent and coordinated vision to them. The three elements should be build for the patient as a continuous assistance and as a result of this need there must be a coordination of effective work to be able to approach more complex cases such as severe mental disorder.

Mental Health values the fact of being able to work on integrating people with mental pathologies, for that it is necessary to be able to treat mental difficulties from the first intervention lines such as social work or social services (social primary) and social health work (primary care)

The social support program in mental health and social primary health describes a proactive way of working following the lines of social work . The program suggests a holistic way of working considering the person as a whole to prevent social situations that might develop in a mental disorder.

The main objective of the program is to encourage a change in the culture of our services to optimise the social interventions looking at the current resources. Furthermore, it considers that a good psychosocial management in real time and parallel to the development and evolution of the medical treatment will increase efficiency to the health care system and to the social interventions.

The mission of the program is to promote and participate in the transformation of the model of social and health care to guarantee the attention integrated and centred in the person giving an effective answer to their needs.

With this program a model of work is proposed based in the creation of spaces and to train professionals to achieve a COMMON PATH TO DEAL WITH MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS specific for every surgery regarding their needs and being prioritised by the own professionals.

To conclude, this program is intended to contribute to offer a model with a conceptual framework and coordination between mental health, primary social care and health care.

How to Cite: Sánchez Echevarria E. Social Support Program in Mental Health and Social Primary and Primary Care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A74. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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