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Reading: Health and Social integrated care in practice. Local Partnerships in action


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Health and Social integrated care in practice. Local Partnerships in action


Ester Sarquella ,

Donna Henderson,

Marta Fabà,

Elaine Mead,

Pilar Solanes,

Aina Plaza,

Joan Carles Contel


Integrated health and social care is emerging as a trending area of interest in the governmental policy agenda in Europe. Most governments are facing great challenge to overcome barriers to facilitate Integrated Care between health and social services. Integrated care has been in the health policy agenda but new challenges should be coped regarding the incorporation of social services, especially for the persons with complex chronic condition with health and social needs. Although this integration improves both health and social care systems, it is a difficult task to get both groups to work together due to different factors.

Many countries and regions are debating on policy reforms or strategies to push integrated approach between sectors, but the way in which they are implemented is significantly different. The governance structures, levels of decentralization, regional governments or local authorities role is key to understand each way of implementing.

This is a joint workshop between Catalonia and Scotland. Both countries have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding for knowledge transfer thorough TicSalut Foundation and the Centre for Telehealth and Telecare, NHS24 towork together to promote shared learning and co-operation in the integrated care policy and practice implementation and the use of ICT to support integrated health and social care for the improved wellbeing of their citizens. One of the potential activities included in this MOU are collaboratively organized workshops so this is one of the first.

During this session it will be shortly presented the regional policy agenda for integrated care in Catalonia and Scotland and then 4 case studies are going to be presented: Barcelona City Council, Highlands and a two more that are still being agreed.

The discussion will tackle the following questions:

- The collaboration across different governance levels (between the two regional ministries, with other public organizations at regional level and with the municipalities)

- The main drivers and barriers for the implementation

- The tools for implementation (such as shared information systems or...)

- The potential benefits of service integration (based on the evaluation outcomes in the case studies

Related to the specific contribution from the Barcelona city we’ll know about several initiatives that are being leaded by the 3 governance institutions pushing the integrated care agenda forward: council, health and social services commissioner (regional authority). Some of these initiatives that are now being implemented are: a new model for health and social home care for people with complex care needs piloted in 2 Districts; Interoperability project between the Catalan Electronic Health Record and the IT system of the local social services (SIAS); post referral protocol for activating social home care at the bed point to ensure continuity for cerebral stroke patients; VINCLES a community project that won the Bloomberg award last year that aims to provide care for elderly people who feel alone through a social support network they can access using a touch screen tablet.

From The Highland we’ll present the Highland partnership for Integration that assume as vision to enhance the quality of life and experience of service users so they may enjoy better outcomes. Involving a wide range of partners a strategic service plan has been approved between Highland Council and NHS Highland.

Two other local partnerships are going to be invited to present also in this workshop. 

How to Cite: Sarquella E, Henderson D, Fabà M, Mead E, Solanes P, Plaza A, et al.. Health and Social integrated care in practice. Local Partnerships in action. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A64. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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