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Canal Paciente. Platform for collaboration and communication between patients and healthcare providers


Jordi Casanovas Font ,

David Orri Magdalena,

Marta Serrarols Soldevila,

Jose Antonio Carvajal Pascual



1. Promoting safe and easy communication between patient and healthcare providers.

2. Involve the patient in the control and monitoring of their health

3. Encourage no-face appointments.

4. Minimize bureaucracy in health centers

Description: We offer our adult users, after signing informed consent, secure access to a web 2.0 platform, which allows them, from any device connected to the network,. The platform allows them to safely view most of his updated medical record, with printing capabilities (analytics , vaccination program), possibility to interact with his doctor and nurse (send and receive e-mails with attachments, request appointment or ask them for a call) leaving them pending on the professional calendar, access to medication and print updated electronic prescription, request and print temporary disability notes, monitoring of chronic diseases, and others.

Conclusions: From January 2013 all professionals with assigned quota in center have registered and 1985 patients (8,1% of assigned population), of whom 1581 (80%) have used it.

The 58246 activities performed (average of 32 accesses/ day and 1,7 activities / access) by users have been mainly for bureaucracy issues (60%) such printing of prescripted medication (20%), schedule a visit in the center (12%), print disability notes (19%), analytics (4%), but also to communicate with the professional (22%), especially with emails (21%) , and 19% of searching clinical information, with medical records queries (14%) and health controls (4%).

Applicability: This may mean a progressive cultural change in terms of patient accessibility to health practitioners, as well as the efficiency of the actions of professionals who will avoid face-to-face appointments that are unnecessary and bureaucratic, and on the other side will see their distance activities reflected in their daily agenda. Health managers, meanwhile, will be provided with knowledge of the actual activity of health care professionals and will have more information to better plan workloads.

Further studies are needed to assess patient adherence to the platform and the changes that may represent the use of health care resources and health outcomes.

How to Cite: Casanovas Font J, Orri Magdalena D, Serrarols Soldevila M, Carvajal Pascual JA. Canal Paciente. Platform for collaboration and communication between patients and healthcare providers. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A61. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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