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Reading: Coproduction of Policy with Patients: an interactive workshop


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Coproduction of Policy with Patients: an interactive workshop


Elisabeth Paice


This workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences about involving patients, carers and service users as equal partners in designing services, at board or similar level.

Issues which will be discussed in the workshop include the recruitment and development of individuals to fulfill these roles; the support they need; the pitfalls and obstacles that may be encountered; the culture change required among professionals and how it may be achieved; a touchstone for testing if real coproduction is happening; principles for ensuring the language used supports coproduction; evidence of the benefits that have been seen from coproduction at policy-making level.

The workshop is designed for participants who have had some experience of coproduction, or who are likely to embark on this way of working in the near future.

It will be highly interactive, with no formal presentations.

The workshop will be led by Lis Paice, supported by members of the NHS Award-winning Lay Partners Advisory Group of NW London. 

How to Cite: Paice E. Coproduction of Policy with Patients: an interactive workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A390. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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