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Reading: Developing Systems Leadership for Transformational Change


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Developing Systems Leadership for Transformational Change


Nicki McNaney ,

Elizabeth Bradbury


To develop integrated care services at scale and pace requires a new model of system leadership. System leaders work collaboratively, deal with ambiguity and complexity and understand how to transform complex systems through leading cultural change.

Over the last five years AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance) has been developing and supporting system leaders to apply complexity science, create system partnerships, develop system capability and capacity for continuous improvement and model behaviours to support cultural change.

AQuA is a NHS health and care quality improvement organisation at the forefront of transforming the safety and quality of healthcare.

The workshop content is evidence based, drawn from AQuA’s portfolio of integrated care and transformation programmes. AQuA’s integrated care programmes have been externally evaluated by OPM (Office of Public Management) demonstrating positive benefit for programme participants.

The workshop will include practical examples of AQuA’s work with system leaders and evidence from AQuA’s portfolio of quality and safety improvement and integrated care.

Workshop aims:

- Explore leadership of complex system transformation

- Discuss the style and behaviours system leaders need to adopt to lead cultural change

- Discuss how to use power and influence in systems for positive change and build capability at scale

Target participants:

Executive directors, senior manager and clinicians, programme directors, OD and improvement specialists, attending as individuals or system leadership teams.

How to Cite: McNaney N, Bradbury E. Developing Systems Leadership for Transformational Change. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A344. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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