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Reading: Digital enablers for integrated care – a design workshop


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Digital enablers for integrated care – a design workshop


Sanna Rimpilainen ,

Joanne Boyle,

Kara Mackenzie,

Grace Arnell,

Veronica Arias,

Chaloner Chute,

Brendan Faulds,

Don McIntyre,

Aaron Wood


Context: In ‘Region A’, like in many other regions and countries, diabetes is a prevalent condition affecting one in twenty people. Type 2 diabetes is rapidly increasing in ‘Region A’, and currently accounts for about 87% of the cases in total. Diabetes has been recognized as an exemplar long term condition, both in terms of the growing number of people with type 2 diabetes, and in terms of the serious and expensive complications it can bring to the sufferers. Maintaining and improving the quality of diabetes services, according to the ‘Region A’s government, against the backdrop of increase in patient numbers and the increased pressure on the health and care services is one of the key challenges. Those involved in diabetes care include the individual, the carer, broader social groups, and public services at multiple levels. However, as with many condition groups, flow of information and decision making is often disjointed with poor communications between these players.

The digital health and care innovation centre organised a multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral ecosystem event to explore the potential opportunities for better management of diabetes with a person centred approach. This event resulted in a call for innovation into digital solutions for managing diabetes. Seven project proposals were accepted by the Innovation Centre for further development.

These seven projects offered partial solutions for the management of diabetes. As a result of the analysis of these projects, a comprehensive conceptual framework for connected health and care for the management of diabetes, has been developed. This conceptual framework has the potential to be applied to any other chronic care condition or multi conditions.

Aim:  In this workshop we will organise an interactive design exercise, which entails designing a person centred and integrated care model for diabetes enabled by digital solutions, which might be extrapolated to any other condition or multiple conditions. The materials for the workshop are derived from the project proposals accepted by the digital innovation centre. The workshop will try and bring into view the breadth of the management of chronic conditions, using diabetes as an example. The approach will take into account a comprehensive perspective of the management of the health condition, focused on a person centred approach and embracing health and social care.

- The workshop fits with the key theme 5 ‘The Strategic use of Mobile and Digital Health and Care Solutions’

Objective: The general objective is to bring people together from various backgrounds and sectors to critically discuss and create a framework for connected health and care management of health conditions in an interactive design methodology.

The specific objective is the improvement of the conceptual framework for the management of chronic conditions/multiple conditions based on the model developed by Region A.

Target participants: Academics; designers; health; social care and community care professionals; patient organisations; third sector; charities; business, SMEs; policy makers; ICT, computing and Big Data experts and patients.

How to Cite: Rimpilainen S, Boyle J, Mackenzie K, Arnell G, Arias V, Chute C, et al.. Digital enablers for integrated care – a design workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A333. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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