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Reading: Kick-off Special Interest Group Values and Principles of Integrated Care


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Kick-off Special Interest Group Values and Principles of Integrated Care


Mirella Minkman ,

Nick Zonneveld


Context, aims and objectives: Person centered and integrated health services are being developed and implemented worldwide in many countries and locations. However, the development and implementation of integrated care is complex and the concepts of person-centered and integrated care are multidimensional. In practice there is a range of care models, interventions and a diversity of appearances in which integrated care is presented. Despite this diversity, the underlying principles or values of person centered integrated care seem to be more or less generic. Principles and values are important, because they can be the basis to guide integrated care improvement and policy and they can underpin interventions or (measurement) frameworks to evaluate integrated person centered care. With their publication of principles of integrated care, Ferrer and Goodwin [1] described a basis for a core set of principles of integrated care. Principles could be the ground of a common set of goals and aspirations for future reforms. Ferrer and Goodwin invite readers to join the debate about whether a set of principles is needed and whether the principles that they suggest are the right ones. The (first) reactions of fellow healthcare scientists and professionals on the presented principles are positive. Most of them experience having a set of principles as valuable and comprehensive.

On the other hand, further development of these principles seem to be possible. It would be interesting to relate the principles to available related literature. Also, a question could be if the set of principles also includes the perspectives of clients, civilians or communities or if the professional perspective is (still) a little dominant. The broadness of the principles is a further issue, because the principles should not be about ‘care’ but reflect the broader aspects of life. Another interesting issue is how generic the principles are or could be and if principles are missing. Altogether it seems that further thinking and working about the principles and underlying values of integrated care would be very valuable.

In order to 1) further sharpen the principles of integrated care, and 2) exploring the client or civilian perspective to the principles of integrated care and researching the value and potential use of a set of principles, Vilans and IFIC initiate a Special Interest Group (SIG). The main aim of the SIG Principles of Integrated Care is to develop a valuable, valid and workable set or collection of principles for person centered integrated care. The SIG will closely cooperate with initiatives and the SIG about measurement of integrated care because of the (possible) interrelatedness of the themes.

Our ambition is to explore, develop and research in co-creation with international stakeholders and experts. The SIG Values and Principles of Integrated Care will start with an exploration about the value of principles and the further development of the present set principles of integrated care by Ferrer and Goodwin and other related sources.

In spring 2016 our editorial about the SIG and the principles of integrated care has been published: The workshop is the official kick-off the SIG Values and Principles of Integrated Care. We aim at an inspiring and interactive workshop. We will ask participants to share their thoughts and findings.

Target participants: Our target participants are researchers and professionals with a background in person centered and/or integrated care, who have interest in joining or following the SIG Values and Principles of Integrated Care. And, naturally, all other participants of the ICIC16 with interest or a background in person centered and/or integrated care.


1- Ferrer L, Goodwin N. What are the principles that underpin integrated care? International Journal of Integrated Care 2014; Oct–Dec; URN:NBN:NL:UI:10-1-114804.

How to Cite: Minkman M, Zonneveld N. Kick-off Special Interest Group Values and Principles of Integrated Care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A299. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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