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Reading: Promoting citizen participation in health in the Basque Country


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Promoting citizen participation in health in the Basque Country


Guillermo Viñegra ,

Isabel Octavio,

Jose Mª Armentia,

Koldo Piñera,

Nuria Pascual,

Marisa Arteagoitia


Introduction: People are the backbone of the strategic lines of the Health Department of the Basque Government, and their participation is specifically identified as a priority in this term. The strategic lines of Osakidetza-Basque Health Service 2013-2016 and 2013-2020 Health Plan also pose objectives and concrete actions in this regard. In this regard, the commitment to advance citizen participation and participatory processes embodied in the development and implementation of a plan of "Promotion of citizen participation in the Basque health system", whose results are shown for the first time Basque outside the professional environment.

Brief description of the change of practice implemented, objectives, target population and key stakeholders involved: The participation of citizens in general and the particular patient is increasingly present in the direction of the most advanced health systems. The evidence suggests, increasingly, that participation can lead to better health outcomes, to contribute to improving the quality of care and patient safety, and assist in the efficiency and control cost of care health. Therefore, it is intended to draw the future of the Basque health system with a strengthening of citizen participation, based on the current photo of your own reality, and in which people from all interest groups have discussed for diagnosis of situation , prioritization of actions and a plan that will be implemented from 2016. This is a design working group policy areas (macro or policy-participation health policy, meso or participation for improving organizational design and services, micro or collaborative-care direct and control one's health) participation taking place during the second half of 2015. with a shared vision of participation in health as a continuum from simple information to the citizenship but that leads to the achievement of a / a committed with his / her own health, individually and collectively, in the definition, organization and improvement of health services of the whole community citizen and also of global policies They support them.

Key Findings: We have a "Plan to promote citizen participation" to the extent of the protagonists of the environment and health in the Basque Country. They and they will also be the protagonists of improving the future.

Throughout the process were obtained:

- A diagnosis of the situation of the Basque Health System from the perspective of citizen participation

- An action plan to develop in 2016

- A theoretical framework of the mechanisms of citizen participation in the Basque Health System

- Results of a survey Service Organizations Osakidetza-Basque Health Service on initiatives related to citizen participation lka

Highlights: The commitment to participation louder. The diagnosis and action plan awarded are the sum of a dynamic participatory processes in health in a structured, transparent and legitimate way, which has given more room for all stakeholders, and covering aspects ranging from design health policies related to health care own patients and the general public.

Conclusion: He is aware that the body is given to an experimental process, learning and cultural change a long road, a challenge ultimately, but will strengthen, without any doubt, the Basque health system as a public, universal and quality.”
How to Cite: Viñegra G, Octavio I, Armentia JM, Piñera K, Pascual N, Arteagoitia M. Promoting citizen participation in health in the Basque Country. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A272. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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