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External Reports integration in “AP- Madrid”: an available tool for felt needs of child cancer patients


María Vicente-Herrero ,

Marta Sanchez-Celaya,

Miguel Amengual,

David Bueno Sanchez,

José Luis Villanueva Marcos


One of the keys to the consolidation and strengthening of continuity of care in patient care, based on the availability of information by professionals who care for you and is available automated for professionals.

The project "Integration of external reports on APMadrid Specialized Care" aims to extend throughout Madrid the possibility that certain types of reports, result of welfare transitions of patients arriving from the hospital to the GP/nurse, in the form of a notice on the electronic medical record AP HIS Madrid from each hospital.

This project is being addressed jointly by the General Directorate of Information Systems, Technical Management Information Systems Primary Care and Continuity Assistance Coordination Directorates.

The project is part of the current work scenario Viewer Horus, and the basis for standardization of the HCDSNS the Spanish state.

A need felt by a patient organization (ASION: Child Oncology Association) causes a demand and creates a working group to overcome the barriers of communication and among health care levels. They start a collaboration between AP and onco pediatric hematology service of Hospital La Paz seeking information integration between the two levels of care.

Working together (Patients Association, Department of Patient Care Service Hematology-Oncology Hospital La Paz and Continuity Deputy General Assistance) starts a protocol that allows family pediatricians to know within 48 hours of hospital admission of children a diagnostic approach and contact the physician reference in the current child cancer process.

Pediatrician can handle this information in its discretion: they can contact the family from the moment of diagnosis of the disease to offer support and be available; has the reference specialist contact your patient to consult doubts; You can access reports generated in the hospital.

The technological and functional development of the project allows it to register in the electronic patient record Primary Care an advice and integrate directly link the report generated in the hospital, leaving traceability of all activity. This allows monitoring of quality of the performances and use of the tool, which facilitates the evaluation of the project:

1. Number of cases treated according to protocol.

2. Pediatrician / GP´s satisfaction

3. Hospital´s Satisfaction .

4. Family ´s satisfaction.

5. Changes to be introduced to improve protocol.

6. Benchmarking to other hospitals and Health Care centers.

How to Cite: Vicente-Herrero M, Sanchez-Celaya M, Amengual M, Bueno Sanchez D, Villanueva Marcos JL. External Reports integration in “AP- Madrid”: an available tool for felt needs of child cancer patients. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A85. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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