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Reading: Red Soma&Psy: 3 models of integration in mental health care. Conceptualization and practical...


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Red Soma&Psy: 3 models of integration in mental health care. Conceptualization and practical experiences


Francesc Arrufat Nebot ,

Alejandro Rojas-Urrego,

Lluís San Molina


Integral attention in practice: In this paper three models of successful integration of mental health and experiences in the form of case studies, three relevant institutions will be presented in the field of mental health and integrated within the Soma & Psy network: the Hospital Consortium of Vic, the Fondation de Nant (Suïssa) and the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu.

Today, mental health is an emerging social need. Mental disorders are a wide range of situations of varying importance and gravity affecting every year almost 20% of the population. In this regard, WHO brand as an objective in its Action Plan on Mental that 80% of countries have developed or updated their mental health policies in accordance with international and regional human rights instruments Health 2020.

A model of care for mental health problems, implies the existence of a number of community, hospital, health and social services that are managed holistically based on a specific territory or betting the three institutions. However, the application of a particular model is not always easy and you have to deal with resistance and many obstacles. Each of the institutions will present greater challenges and difficulties which have been found to implement a model of integration in mental health.

Description of the paper: The Consortium of Vic Hositalari detail the geographical context of the region Osona, the story of Vic Health Consortium, as well as inclusion in the Comprehensive System Salut d'Osona. Also, the problem of a fragmented mental health care will be addressed and how it has been overcome with an assistance model quality health standards, health and mental health partner who attends a reference population of 160,000 people.

From the Fondation de Nant, founded in 1943, the service young, adults and the elderly, as well as its commitment to proximity, accessibility and stigmatizing offered will be addressed. The focus is marked by a humanistic spirit to their beneficiaries and their collaborators.

In the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu is remarkable the evolution of the organization, founded in 1854, and addressing the synergies that have been created in recent years between physical health and mental health to provide the health center of a health model comprehensive and open to the community. The health park serves a reference population of over five million people.

Results: The greatest impacts and outcomes of the three institutions will be presented in the form of case studies.

The Vic Hospital Consortium will present the impact of the Integrat System Salut Osona focused on the needs of the patient as well as the changes that have occurred in Osona from the implementation of the Strategic Plan de Salut Mental in Osona.

From the Fondation de Nant the result of networking and the impact of a conceptual model of integration based on proximity, accessibility and stigmatizing will be displayed. From the experience of six years of the inclusion of four-bed child and adolescent psychiatry in a pediatric service and rich experience of liaison with the same service they will be evoked the teachings of this form of integration and whys accent since the notion of link with broader than those traditionally invoked meanings.

From the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu major transformations in recent decades entity will be addressed in line with changes in mental health policies in Europe, specifically in Spain and Catalunya. Also, if the start of the guards at the general hospital psychiatry with other medical specialties will be detailed. Previously these guards were realized in the acute inpatient unit.

Featured: The field of mental health should be an example of care model: integrated, territorially-based, community-oriented, managed by various by establishing partnerships between various actors in a territory.

Conclusion: A comprehensive health model is complex, but only through mainstreaming, shared practices, territorially and focused on the patient can move toward better mental health.  

How to Cite: Arrufat Nebot F, Rojas-Urrego A, San Molina L. Red Soma&Psy: 3 models of integration in mental health care. Conceptualization and practical experiences. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A84. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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