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Reading: Transitional Care and Patient Experience Workshop


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Transitional Care and Patient Experience Workshop


Joan Espaulella ,

Joan Escarrabill,

Tino Martí,

Kathryn Wynne-Jones


Upon the Integrated Care Exchange program initiated between Oldham CCG and Catalan healthcare providers (Hospital Clinic, CHV, CAPSE and CASAP) and co-organised by AQuA and IFIC in 2014-2015, we do aim to continue the learning exchange around a central topic: Transitional Care.

We propose a double session. The first one will address different interventions in Transitional Care to be compared following a similar presentation pattern that will allow to identify the lessons learns in three key aspects: value sources, SWOT analysis, scale-up and sustainability in the long run.

Interventions selected:

1. Virtual integration model: hospital and primary care in Vic

2. Emergency care as key place for transition management: geriatric assessment, situational diagnostic and community resources management

The second session will cover the patient perspective in the transition within and among health institutions. Patient experience is a driver for healthcare improvement in transitional care.

Interventions selected:

1. Patient participatioin in integrated care (Oldham CCG)

2. Person-centered prescription (Hospital Santa Creu)

3. The patient journey of diabetic patients (CASAP)

We have already secured presentations from: Hospital Santa Creu (Vic, Spain), CASAP (Castelldefels, Spain), Oldham CCG (Oldham, UK). We are open to accomodate presentations for third parties that fit the topic.

How to Cite: Espaulella J, Escarrabill J, Martí T, Wynne-Jones K. Transitional Care and Patient Experience Workshop. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2016;16(6):A72. DOI:
Published on 16 Dec 2016.


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