International Journal of Integrated Care, 22 June 2009 - ISSN 1568-4156
Conference abstract
The SINTEF/Norwegian health and care services case
Britt Venner, Research Director, SINTEF Health Services Research, Trondheim, Norway
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Introduction: SINTEF Health Services Research is part of the SINTEF Foundation. Research areas are evaluation of health and welfare services. The health and welfare authorities are the main commissioners of our research.

Policy practice: SINTEF is the main supplier of research on health and social service reports to the authorities. The institute has competence on hospital and outpatient services to somatic and psychiatric patients (acute treatment, rehabilitation and joint efforts from different agencies). The same principles apply to delivery of services, irrespective of whether it is disability or old age: hospitals provide specialist competence in diagnostics and treatment. Rehabilitation is provided both by specialists and community services. Long-term care is provided in the person’s home as long as possible, both for people with disabilities and people of old age.

Conclusion: Independent research and evaluation are used by policy makers to continually evaluate and improve services.

Discussion: Health and welfare policies in Norway are generally the same for both elderly persons and persons with disabilities, provided by hospitals and community services.

monitoring services; research; integrated health and social services

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