International Journal of Integrated Care, 22 June 2009 - ISSN 1568-4156
Conference abstract
Experiences from private funding sources in Spain
Josep Solans, Welfare Department Director, Fundació Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain
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Introduction: The role of private funding in long-term care programmes (LTC) is increasing worldwide. As stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO), funding is a major tool for policy and planning. Although this is well accepted in the public sector, the policy aspects of private funding have been largely overlooked in the European countries, particularly in those with a consolidated welfare system. In these countries the private sector should complement the public sector in funding and promoting innovative strategies and change.

Description: Fundació Caixa Catalunya (FCC) is one of the 10 major private funding organisations in Spain. It is part of the social care work of the savings bank ‘Caixa de Catalunya’. This institution is not only interested in providing funding for social care as usual, but it is also concerned with the development of innovative programmes in these areas. These programmes include a series of initiatives directly related to knowledge transfer and innovation such as the intergenerational living programmes, and the specific call for innovative support in Alzheimer disease, among several others.

Conclusion: Private funding may play a key role in the development of bridging and translational approaches to disabilities and ageing in Europe.

ageing; disabilities; private funding

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