International Journal of Integrated Care, 22 June 2009 - ISSN 1568-4156
Conference abstract
Experiences from private funding sources: Austria
Franz Karl Prüller, Programme Director Social Affairs, ERSTE Foundation, Vienna, Austria
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Introduction: Established in 2003, ERSTE Foundation has a history stretching back 190 years to the year 1819 when it was founded as the Erste Österreichische Spar Casse in Vienna. Rooted in our history as a social enterprise and financial service provider, ERSTE Foundation recognises that contemporary society faces huge challenges and that for a new and united Europe to work, integration is crucial—and that means uniting the economic, cultural and social capital of our region.

Description: We develop ideas and concepts to increase social participation and to ensure that no-one is left out, whatever their circumstances—which in turn creates stable, effective and fairer societies.

European Integration is important to us. We want to work against prejudice and nationalism, to integrate thinking and living across borders, and make these experiences accessible, particularly to the young generation.

Projects: We intend to play an active role in giving people opportunities to increase their understanding of each other. Therefore, ERSTE Foundation has supported research projects that concern themselves with the effects of societal transformation processes: in particular we have been looking at the effects that demographic changes will have on the long-term care needs of elderly people in Central and Eastern Europe. From this, we intend to develop policy recommendations for decision makers in civil society, economy and politics.

ERSTE Foundation; private funding