International Journal of Integrated Care, 4 June 2008 - ISSN 1568-4156
Conference abstract
Criteria for the selection and evaluation of integrated care priorities
Viktoria Stein, Centre for Public Health, Institute of Social Medicine, Medical University Vienna, Austria
Anita Rieder, Centre for Public Health, Institute of Social Medicine, Medical University Vienna, Austria
Volker Amelung, Department of Epidemiology, Social Medicine and Health Systems Research, Medical University Hannover, Germany
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Aims and Objectives: To identify, define and quantify criteria which are common to integrated care models. To build a framework with these criteria which will enable the evaluation of prospective integrated care activities.

Methods: Identification and clustering of criteria necessary and/or inherent in integrated care models and projects. Literature review on the development of common criteria and indicators for health. Identification of relevant and applicable quantifiers. Identification and analysis of criteria for success common to projects and programmes internationally.

Results: A generalised framework of criteria for the evaluation of integrated care activities. The framework shall function as a decision-finding tool for the selection of projects and shall help to identify key components of integrated care activities. It can then be used to define whether proposed projects are actually integrated care or not. Common criteria for success facilitate the design of ameliorated programmes.

Conclusions: There are many prerequisites for integrated care but so far, no framework is available with which to identify, along clear-cut lines, whether an initiative actually is viable for integrated care models or not. Also, there is a need for quantifiable indicators when evaluating integrated care activities. The proposed framework shall provide the basis for further methodological developments.

methodology; evaluation; integrated care models

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